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Lawyer, J.D. & LL.L.

Important additional information about the initial consultation :

  • A valid driver's licence or a valid passport are examples of accepted methods to authenticate your identidy.

  • Everything discussed during that meeting will remain confidential, even if Alina Sklar do not pursue the matter further.

  • Alina Sklar is perfectly bilingual as she studied law in French and in English. Alina Sklar is familiar with the legal terminology of both languages, and therefore she is fully competent to represent your legal interest in the same quality in French or in English.

  • In order to be able to represent you, a conflict of interest assessment must conclude that there is no conflict of interest between Alina Sklar and your legal interest. 

  • To obtain more information on Alina Sklar's fees and disbursements before the initial consultation, please, visit the Fees section of this website.

  • Together, we will determine what is the best way to reach you. We will also discuss when would it be appropriate to communicate between each other, how often, and to what purpose. 

  • At the end of the meeting, Alina Sklar will ensure that your objective is clearly understood, and will explain the next steps. 

  • She might ask you to give her additional information after the meeting.

  • If she decides to represent you; Alina Sklar will be sending you a retainer agreement. This agreement will establish the rights and responsibilities of both parties (the lawyer and the client) upon acceptance. Alina Sklar is not your lawyer if the retainer agreement is not returned to her completed (date and signature). 

  • Consequently, a lawyer-client relationship will be established only if Alina Sklar accepts to represent you by sending you a retainer agreement and if you return it to her completed (date and signature) in a timely manner.

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