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Lawyer, J.D. & LL.L.

About Me

I am a member in good standing of the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), the Criminal lawyer Association (CLA), the Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA) and the Association of French speaking lawyers of Ontario (AJEFO).


I am involved, assists and volunteer with several non-profit organizations, including ACFO-Toronto: Association of Francophone Communities of Ontario for which I am on the board of directors. I also teach part-time at Collège Boréal. 


I hold a Licentiate of Civil Law (LL.L.) and a Juris Doctor (J.D.), which I obtained through the National program of the faculty of law of the University of Ottawa.


I studied law to help vulnerable people through legal challenges.



Growing up I was taught the difference between equality of opportunity and actual equality. For me, the difference between these two terms can be summed up by a metaphor: if a group of people wished to climb over a wall, equality of opportunity would amount to giving each of them a three-rung step-ladder, whereas actual equality would be giving those with shorter arms and legs a ladder with enough rungs to get the job done. Laws based on equality of opportunity, though seeming just, are destined to fall short – I aim to ensure that laws and legislators adhere to that second, and far more nuanced, standard.

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